Best French Press Coffee Maker Reviews 2017

Last Updated: August 1st, 2017

We know a few coffee-addicts who are never ready to compromise the loss of flavor. No matter what, they’re concerned about how pure is the coffee. It’s from such coffee purists that we came to know about the French press coffee makers. They are praised for the purest extraction of coffee flavor and taste. In fact, the smaller hardships in coffee making are ignored, just because of the greater taste.

Then, there are some of the best French press coffee makers that simplify tasks. With these machines, you can have the coffee ready in a few minutes or so. Of course, you need to have an effective way to boil water at an optimal temperature. Today, we thought of compiling the best French press coffee makers in market, after going through a shortlisted bunch of products and hands-on reviews.

Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker is a combination of standard capacity and sturdy build of the Carafe and other parts. It also helps you brew the best coffee, by extracting the right amount of coffee essential oils, thanks to stainless steel mesh filter.

If you are looking for a best-buy alternative, we suggest KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker. For the price you pay, you are getting a portable, protective design and great taste. We really loved its design and ergonomic handles for perfect usage.

Best French Press Coffee Makers 2017 – Our Top Picks!

Brewing Control
Our Rating

Keurig K145 OfficePRO
Design : 4.5/5
Pricing : Premium
Brewing Control : 4.5/5
Our Rating: 4.8/5

Keurig K55 Series
Design : 4.6/5
Pricing : Budget
Brewing Control : 4.0/5
Our Rating: 4.9/5

Keurig 2.0 K575 Series
Design : 4.5/5
Pricing : Premium
Brewing Control : 4.5/5
Our Rating: 4.5/5

Keurig 2.0 Series K250
Design : 4.5/5
Pricing : Budget
Brewing Control : 4.5/5
Our Rating: 4.5/5

Keurig K15 Series
Design : 4.3/5
Pricing : Budget
Brewing Control : 4.0/5
Our Rating: 4.7/5

In case if you need in-depth reviews, welcome to our hands-on experiences with the recommended picks.

Top Pick — Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee MakerAs the name says, this French press coffee maker lets you brew a maximum of 8 Cups of coffee at once. You will be able to serve coffee for around 2-3 people with the single brew. Judging by the taste and quality, this capacity is up to the standard marks.

Build quality is the unique quality of Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker. It comes with one incredibly-strong Borosilicate Glass-made Carafe. At the same time, its stainless steel frame is good enough for handling and protection.

Despite all the ruggedness, we found it very easy to brew coffee with this maker. Talking about the taste, it never compromises the quality of extracted coffee. We also shared the coffee with some friends, who were really impressed. We can really find the presence of essential oils and acids from coffee.

It’s loved by people that Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker gives you the perfect coffee in just four steps. The 3-layer stainless steel mesh filter is also a major reason for its popularity. Customers point out the consistency of taste and build quality as noticeable features.

Who Is it for: This French press coffee maker is ideal for serious coffee drinkers, who do not have much to spend. The taste is unparalleled, in spite of its easier coffee-brewing methods.

Best Buy — KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker

KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso MakerOur best-buy recommendation, this French Press can be used for making coffee, tea and expresso. In all the three modes, KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker maintains the best quality and the extraction that does not leave any essential oil behind.

When compared to other products, you will spot a protective design with KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker. This adds charm to your kitchen setup, while keeping it easy to handle. We had no trouble with handling or heat while we were using this coffee-maker during the review session.

One of the most used French press coffee makers, it has a standard capacity of 34oz. Just like our top-pick, it comes with a 3-piece stainless steel infuser filter. So, you won’t have to suffer with the plastic-taste in your coffee.

When we asked customers, they love the product for the higher capacity and uncompromised taste. It does mean that every coffee lover should love this product. We also tried making some tea using loose leafs, and the taste was just amazing.

Who Is it for: We recommend going for this product if you need a multi-purpose French press. It brews both tea and coffee, with the same taste-expertise. It also happens to be one of the affordable coffee-makers.

Contender #1 — SterlingPro Classic European Style French Coffee Press

SterlingPro Classic European Style French Coffee PressWe chose SterlingPro Classic European Style French Coffee Press as the first contender for its lower price as well as build quality. Coming with a capacity of 35oz, you won’t have trouble in brewing 1 litre of coffee at a time. That’s a huge reason for going for the product, we concluded.

Coming to build quality, SterlingPro Classic European Style French Coffee Press has Double-Wall construction for keeping your coffee warm. The stainless steel inside works well with the outer shell so that your coffee will taste the same, with all the necessary oils and acids.

It also uses double-screens for the better filtering of coffee. The result is, you won’t find any grounds in your coffee. With the package, we also received two extra replacement screens. Judging by dozens of coffees we had brewed, the taste was something superb and consistent.

Some buyers of SterlingPro Classic European Style French Coffee Press are amazed by the great coffee taste, despite having a low price tag — so are we. In less than 5 minutes, you can have the best coffee. Also, it has to be noted that the product has been reasonably priced.

Who Is it for: Go for it if you need the benefits of Double-Wall construction and double-layer filtering. You’d end up in great coffee that stays warm even after a few minutes of brewing.

Contender #2 — Le Creuset Stoneware 27-Ounce French Press

Le Creuset Stoneware 27-Ounce French PressThis French press coffee machine falls into medium-budget category, but the taste was so impressive. That is the reason why we included Le Creuset Stoneware 27-Ounce French Press in our list. It also comes with a superb design that suits your kitchen interiors for sure.

On top of everything, the stainless steel plunger and mesh press are easier to use. It just took us minutes to brew the perfect coffee in this machine. Although not long, this maker was able to hold the warmth of coffee for around 30 minutes. This happens, even without all those thermal coverages.

Because the entire system is built with Stoneware, you don’t have to worry about plastic elements. As major advantage, you will always have the best coffee poured into the cups. The mesh filter is not perfect, but, in most cases, we did not find any ground coffee left on the coffee or tea.

Cleaning and storing Le Creuset Stoneware 27-Ounce French Press will be an easy task, due to proper finish and build quality. The enamel finish also takes care of odours, stains and cracking in the long run. You have a lot of stuff for the extra price you are paying.

Who Is it for: if you can spend a bit more for quality and features, this is the best choice. The stoneware has a higher capacity for keeping your coffee warm. That having said, the capacity has lowered to 27oz.

Contender #3 — Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French PressWhen you are looking for the most affordable, smaller and portable French press, you can go for this product. It comes with a maximum capacity of 15 Ounce, which is satisfactory for the sub-$20 budget you have. That having said, we found no problems with the brewed coffee or its quality.

Portability of design is the best reason for choosing Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press. No matter where you are going, you can brew up to 15oz of coffee, given that you have some hot water ready. The point here is that you can drink the coffee right after it’s brewed.

We were amazed to find the keep-warm capacity of the maker. Even after a few hours of brewing, the coffee was pretty warm. This is something we had not expected from a low-budget French press like this. In some select variants, you can get non-slip grip as well.

Last but not least, Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press is available in different colours such as Black, Green, Red and White. We had chosen one depending on your kitchen interiors. The plunger is too easy to use and resists spilling.

Who Is it for: It’s an optimal choice when you want a portable solution for brewing coffee or tea, on the go. It’s simple to use, but keep your coffee warm for a few hours, which is great.

Contender #4 — Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle

Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete BundleOne of the most used French press makers in town, this product has grabbed our attention for many factors. First of all, you are getting a lot of things in Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle, such as one spoon, 4 filter screens etc.

We were amazed as the affordable pricing, because the coffee was tasting the best. It comes with a Glass-based Carafe and a stainless steel-based lid. In the long run, we had no trouble with plastic elements or any distractions in the total taste.

The Carafe is so rugged-built that you don’t have to worry about breaking it. It’s using a double-screen filter for cleaning ground. We had made a few coffees with the product, and there were no coffee grounds in the output.

Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle has the maximum capacity of 34oz and offers 5 Years of warranty. Another thing about this multi-element package is that you can brew a variety of beverages like tea, coffee, iced tea, hot chocolate, fruit infusions etc.

Who Is it for: Given the rich-enough package and accessories, you are going to save a lot of amounts. On top of all these, the coffee is good for the price you pay. Moreover, there is 5-Year warranty as well.

Contender #5 — SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee PressWith another product from SterlingPro, we are concluding our list of the best French press coffee makers in market. It’s a bit pricier than our top pick, but there are enough advantages to reason. We can count on its better build and usability factors.

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press has the maximum capacity of 1 Litre, which we think is enough for families as well as individual needs. its construction is based on stainless steel, which is rust-free and dishwasher-safe for cleaning.

What is different here is the Double-Wall construction. So, when we had finished brewing coffee, we don’t have to transfer it to another container. The coffee stays warm for a huge amount of time, at least in terms of comparison.

Moreover, SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press looks awesome in your kitchen. The design is based on Mirror Finish and it’s worth what you pay. At the end of the day, you would never regret purchasing this French press machine.

Who Is it for: Summing up, SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press promises great taste and keep-warm time, for a slightly-extra price. One of the favourites from most customers, as well.

What do you think about our best recommendations for the best French press coffee maker in town? We have used some general and expert considerations for finding the best products from market, and we’d like to share them with you. First of all, we will have an introduction to French Press machines and then will move onto discuss its various aspects for purchasing and coffee-brewing.

An Introduction to French Press Coffee Maker

As you know, French Press is a particular type of coffee maker you would find in the market. When compared to other types of machines we have seen, this one is the least automated one. In fact, there is no electricity required to use a French press coffee maker. Instead, you are required to put enough ground coffee as well as hot water, and then press the plunger for the brewing action. The result is that you can have the perfect coffee, without spending much time.

One thing to be noted is that you have to get the hot water separately. French press makers don’t offer an option to boil water or to keep it warm. As the result, you have to use an electric kettle other water boiler, for getting the water at optimal temperature. Once you have poured the hot water and put the coffee you like, it’s just a press away. Before that however, you need to let the coffee brew for a few minutes. Once you press the plunger ahead, the coffee remnants and actual coffee will be separated. The filtered coffee can be transferred to cups or mugs thereafter.

In the first look, you may find that using a French press coffee maker is a tough task. In fact, you don’t have to worry about anything — except getting the hot water. Moreover, when compared to other types of coffee makers, one thing is assured: great coffee taste. These products make sure that the actual coffee taste has been captured at every time of brewing.

These are the basics you should know about French Press Coffee makers.

Notable Advantages of French Press

Now, we will move onto the major reasons why coffee-addicts prefer going for French press coffee makers. Some of them are health-related while other benefits have to deal with the taste you get.

  • Taste

When compared to other coffee makers, French press makers use a unique method for mixing hot water as well as coffee grounds. The filtering is done so smoothly that you won’t miss the essential oils, acids or sole flavour of the coffee in the long run. If you ask someone who is addicted to coffee, you will be surprised by their reply. Coffee enthusiasts around the globe always give upper hand to French press makers when they are concerned about the true coffee taste.

  • Easy to Use

Don’t get us wrong here, because we know that you have to get hot water by yourself. But, once you have it ready with you, it takes just a few minutes to brew the perfect cup or mug of coffee. You have to pour in some hot water and ground coffee of your taste. In minutes, you will have a full Carafe of coffee ready with you. From the usability point of view, this one is a major perk.

  • Customizability

Compared to drip coffee machines or brand-based ones, you don’t have to be restricted to coffee pods or a few K-Cups. With the French press coffee makers, you can brew any type of coffee. The best part is that you can even use full-sized coffee beans for better results. This is something cool when you are serious about the taste and quality of the coffee you are brewing. You just need to look out for the best filtering options so that you won’t have any coffee remnants in the output.

  • Versatility

French Press Coffee Makers should actually be called French Presses, because you can use the same device for multiple needs. Just as you are making coffee with these equipment, you can brew tea using loose leaves as well. There are people who even use French press machines for making stuff like hot chocolate and fruit infusions. In fact, you can make everything that needs mixing and pressure.

  • Portability

This is the biggest advantage of French press machines when compared to drip or pod-based machines. The French press-based coffee makers come with a minimized size and options. Because of this factor, you won’t have trouble in carrying this device around — suppose when you are going for an excursion or something. Some French press makers come with thermal-insulated containers as well. So, even after brewing, coffee will be kept warm for a few hours at maximum.

These are the five major advantages of having a French press coffee machines, instead of drip makers or other ones like Keurig. Moreover, French press machines give you better control over temperature and the coffee intensity. For instance, you don’t have to restrict to certain temperature level. On the other hand, you can boil temperature according to your preferences and do the brewing later. Out of these, Natural Taste is the best reason recommended by most users.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best

You need to look for some factors when you need to purchase the best French press coffee makers from the market. We’ve compiled a list of the most important considerations here.

  • First of all, you should check the maximum Capacity of the French press coffee maker. In our list, the highest capacity of 35oz while the lowest one goes to 15oz. Nevertheless, you should be conscious about the fact that higher capacity reflects the actual size of the product too. It means that you will have to compromise the maximum capacity if you are concerned about carrying it around.
  • Carafe is another point that decides the usability of a French press coffee machine. Some of you may love to keep the coffee warm for a long while. In that case, we recommend going for a product that has thermal insulation. This way, you can get the coffee in hot condition, even after a few hours of brewing. This is a great factor if you don’t want to brew the coffee often.
  • Construction plays an important role in the selection of the best coffee maker. Here, it is noted a bit carefully. It’s because plastic elements of the French press coffee maker can have negative impacts on your health and the total taste of the coffee. In our list, most of the products come with complete stainless steel construction. There are no BPA materials, which is a great addition to your health.
  • You should also check which Filter is being used in the French press coffee maker. It’s recommended to go for three-piece filter, which provides better filter. Without the right filter in use, you cannot get a good cup of coffee. So, you should choose a French press coffee maker that comes with 3-piece, stainless-steel mesh filter.
  • Ergonomics can also be a consideration for choosing the best product in town. Make sure that your coffee-maker handles are easily accessible and has great grip. Grip is an essential thing if you have a higher-capacity and big coffee maker.

If you don’t have time to filter all the products using these factors, you can check the products we suggested above. We have chosen best French press coffee makers by giving corresponding importance to all these factors.

Wrapping Up

We can say without doubt that French press coffee makers have given us the best coffee we’ve ever tried. Of course, some extra effort is required for boiling hot water and pouring it into the container. Personally speaking, we don’t mind doing that if there is an extra layer of taste assured. Altogether, we have a lot of reasons to recommend French press coffee makers to each and every coffee enthusiast around the globe. If not for the natural, true flavour and taste, what are you brewing the coffee for?


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